I Miss You

My heart misses yours.

I lie down at night and I think about you:

your smile,

your eyes,

your smart ass remarks,

your declarations of love,

your growls for one more…

I am blanketed in the memories of me and you.

I love you so truly, so completely, so intensely.

There is much I long to say to you.

I want to pour my love all over you and wrap you up in my naked limbs.

I want to love your body til it is spent, then caress it and let it rest until it craves me again.

I want to feed you my love and let my body quench your thirst.

I want to give you everything, lover.

I love you always and forever.


More of the Same…

Every night it’s the same:
I lie awake unable to close my eyes, except to gather my tears and push them down the well-worn trails on my face.

Every night it’s the same:
I remember the things you said, the way you looked at me, the way you touched me, the way you loved me.

Every night it’s the same:
I hope I will awaken to your call, that I will hear your voice again, and you will tell me everything is going to be okay.

Every night it’s the same:
I pray for the strength to let you go gracefully, compassionately, reminding myself: I asked for this.

Every night it’s the same:
I miss you like an addict: trembling, longing for one more look, one more word, one more hit of you.

Every night it’s the same:
I die a little bit with every slumber. There are only so many beats in a heart, and you have them all, you are my heart.