More of the Same…

Every night it’s the same,
I lie awake unable to close my eyes,
Except to gather my tears and push them down the trails on my face.

Every night it’s the same,
I remember the things you said,
The way you looked at me, the way you touched me, the way you loved me.

Every night it’s the same,
I hope I will awaken to your call;
I will hear your voice again, and you will tell me everything is going to be okay.

Every night it’s the same,
I pray for the strength to let you go,
Gracefully, compassionately, reminding myself: I asked for this.

Every night it’s the same,
I miss you like an addict, trembling,
Longing for one more look, one more word, one more hit of you.

Every night it’s the same,
I die a little bit with every slumber;
There are only so many beats in a heart, and you have them all, you are my heart.

Breathe, Baby Girl

You reminded me to breathe,
Full and deep.
I didn’t even realize I was holding my breath,
But you knew.
And you’d say,
“Baby Girl, I need you to breathe.”

Loving you and being loved by you,
Was breathtaking in every way.

I lie here, gasping for air.
You forgot to remind me;
You don’t need me to breathe anymore.
I’m suffocating,
I’m drowning,
You took my breath away.

Image of Skylar Grey, I Need a Doctor

No More

I can no longer bear the weight of this broken heart;
This obstinate mistress, who insists upon loving you.
Fast or slow, your name was the rhythm she beat,
And there was love and passion and fire unfathomable…
You were the lifeblood she drank.


Now you are gone, she is barely able to drum up an existence.
Her pulse is an erratic and desperate murmur.
She churns and burns and soaks my pillow in torrential tears
And infinite torment, until she decides to beat no more…
May that day come swiftly.