Twenty Years Later, Part Three of Three

The park gave her flashbacks of more than twenty years earlier when they all had last had a BBQ together. They had had such a fun and ridiculous time then. She had started a food fight, and she had laughed hysterically when she smashed cake in his face. Today was less frivolous, but it was still good to be together again.

She glanced at him throughout the day. She couldn’t help herself. He was still so attractive, and she still had feelings for him, despite twenty years! She wondered if he noticed her watching him. She wondered if he was watching her too. Nothing could happen between them now, but she was enjoying his nearness.

He looked content with his life. His laughter came so easily, and he smiled a lot. She had always loved those things about him.

He made it a point to walk over and ask how her family was doing. She smiled her biggest, most plastic smile at him — it was the one she had been flashing all day when asked how she and the family were doing — and told him how GREAT everything was. Kids were GREAT. Marriage and husband were GREAT. She was GREAT. He listened intently, nodding where appropriate. She hoped she was fooling him.

Her mind wandered. She wanted to stand there and talk with him all day. She wanted hear his voice deep and low, whispering things to her. She wanted him to take her in his arms. She wanted…HIM. What the hell was happening?!

Shifting her thoughts, she asked how he and his family were doing. He started to answer, but was called away to handle a situation. Damn. He was gone. She doubted they’d have the opportunity to talk again.

She spent time with her friends, looking around for him occasionally. She wasn’t staring, but knew she had to get a hold on whatever was going on with her.

She caught a glimpse of him pushing one of the kids on the swings. She decided to head to the restroom. As she strolled past the playground, she was wishing, hoping, even praying he would follow her. If they were at the bathrooms, no one would see them, and she could kiss him.

Please follow me. Please follow me. Please follow me…

When she exited, she looked for him, but he had not received her telepathic message. She walked past the playground again, purposely looking away from him. She  didn’t understand how he could have such an influence on her. They were over twenty years ago and life had gone on, separately.

The day wound to a close, and they did not have another chance to be alone together. It was probably for the best. The gang took a few selfies, he even took one with just her, clowning like he did so often when they were kids. God, he could make her laugh! She left that day, thinking about him the entire two hour ride home.


image by Eric Bloemers Photography


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