Up the Stairs

She finally left town, as she had told him she would. And he let her go without protest. She moved away, got a new job, and enrolled in school. She heard he had a new love interest, and she told herself she too needed to move on, but the magnitude of her heartbreak was big, and she cried often. She had wanted him, but he hadn’t wanted her. She took some comfort in knowing she had never actually told him she loved him. If she had admitted that to him and he had not reciprocated, it would have been even worse for her.

She started dating someone she had been friends with for a few years. He was a decent enough guy and he made her laugh. He also thought she was beautiful and sexy, intelligent and well-spoken and she liked that. She came to love him, even though it never quite felt like what she had known before.

She threw herself into the new relationship, and was excited to see things move quickly. Before she knew it, she was engaged, and it seemed like the prior chapter would finally be coming to an end.

Nearly two years passed when she was going to visit friends in the area where the One lived. She found a valid excuse to have him stop by where she would be, and he agreed to make an appearance.

She was so anxious to see him, she could hardly conceal her excitement. She couldn’t wait to see his smile, and to see him happy to see her. She was trembling with anticipation, but did her best to hide it. When she heard his muscle car pull up, she went outside to meet him. She didn’t want anyone else to see her face when she saw him. That would be a dead give away.

He stepped out of the car as she reached the bottom step. She showed her biggest and best smile to him, at last able to reveal how genuinely happy she was to see him. But… he did not smile back. He looked tired or indifferent, maybe even a little bothered, but not happy. Still, she couldn’t help but continue smiling at him as they greeted one another. She was so very attracted to him. She hugged him, hard; pressing her whole body against his. She was disappointed it didn’t elicit much of a response from him.

She attempted at conversation before turning to head up the stairs asking him about his new lady, but he was short, almost defensive with her in his responses.

What was going on? Why was he being so cold?

She wanted so much for him to just be happy to see her, to smile his panty droppin’ smile at her. Or least give her a little grin. But he wasn’t having it.

As she turned to go up, she threw an extra switch in her step as she climbed the stairs ahead of him. She knew him well enough to know he’d at least help himself to a look at her ass. She’d give him a sight to really see. Perhaps he’d smack or grab her ass like he used to when no one was looking. Maybe he’d grab her by the arm, turn her around, and kiss her with all his might. Much to her dismay, he did neither. He just walked up the stairs without a word.

Once she reached the door, she was left with no choice but to open it and walk back inside. Back to hiding everything again. She guessed that wouldn’t be difficult for him. He had been distant since the moment he stepped out of the ride, but for her, her heart began to ache all over again.

He never loved me, she thought. How could I have been so stupid?

She quickly regrouped and plastered on a smile as she introduced him to her new beau. He had been waiting inside the whole time, completely unaware that she would have left him behind in the blink of an eye if the One had asked her to. She resigned to say to herself it was probably for the best. She had learned that was what you did when you didn’t get what you truly wanted. If it was really for the best, why did it feel so shitty?

He left almost as quickly as he had arrived. As she watched him walk out the door, she wondered if it would be the last time she’d ever see him. She tried to find ways to cross his path again, but it never seemed to work out. Sure, there was social media, a picture here or there, but she wouldn’t actually set eyes, or hands, on him for almost twenty years. It was the longest wait of her life.


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