All In

She couldn’t get him out of her head. He was like a CD on repeat, and that night played over and over again in her mind’s eye. He had turned her on in a flash, and she hadn’t experienced that kind of chemistry before. She desperately wanted to finish what they started, but she was also scared.

Would there be any going back after this? Would there be forgiveness if they were found out? Was he just playing with her?

About a week later, they were alone at the apartment. She couldn’t remember the exact details of how that happened. Perhaps they had all run to the store, perhaps they were at work. She couldn’t say how they ended up alone, but she had just walked into to one of bedrooms, to put something away, when he grabbed her from behind and spun her around to face him.

It was unusually warm that day, and his lips were the slightest bit salty. His breath was warm on her neck as he kissed her all over. She never knew if his urgency was due to the short time they’d be alone, or the ravenous desire he had been building for her, but he didn’t waste any time getting her panties down. He yanked her shirt over her head and looked over her body with that smile that made her weak in the knees. He liked her that way, she could see it in his eyes.

They kissed hard, passionately and ended up on the floor. Again, he somehow had his pants down without her noticing how he had gotten them off that quickly.

“You’re on the pill, right?”

“Yeah,” she breathed, as she wrapped her legs around him.

He thrust himself in her. He was hard and she was wet. They felt amazing together. He kept thrusting in her and she kept pushing back, squeezing him and holding on for dear life. She hardly noticed the slight sting at her back but kept letting him have her, penetrating her, bringing her closer to climax as she kissed him all over his neck and shoulders. They came fast and at the same time, which in her limited experience, had not happened the first time she was with someone. He knew how to take her there.

He laid on top of her twitching for a minute or two, before hastily getting up and redressing. She felt her back burning. His deep and fast strokes had rubbed her skin too hard on the carpet and it began to really sting. Rug burns indeed.

She quickly dressed and attempted to smooth her hair. They both headed out to the living room, where she grabbed a magazine to read while waiting for everyone to return, and tried not to look as exhilarated as she felt.


image by Steve K



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