Who would have thought that one person could bring so much peace to the heart? The moment she wraps him up in her arms and legs, they are both at peace.

He feels like home: comfortable, warm, inviting. His arms are the safest place she knows. She forgets every care in this world, other than him, when he holds her. She knows, without a doubt, that everything will be okay when he presses his body against hers and kisses her.

He reminds her to breathe, to smile, and to laugh. He reminds her she is beautiful, sexy, and desirable. He reminds her she is worthy of his unconditional love. He builds her up and makes her heart soar. He makes her feel irresistible. He makes her insatiable for him. He makes her free.

With her, he is protected, cared for, admired, and adored. Every chance she gets, she showers him with her love. Her arms have welcomed him, again and again. He has slept in them, wept in them, and made the sweetest love of his life all tangled up in them.

He is free to be raw and real with her. He can tell her anything. She wants him to tell her everything. She accepts him for who he is, never asking him to change. Not because he is a perfect person (he is not and neither is she), but because they are perfect together, always bringing out the best in each other.

Their love comes so easily, so naturally. They communicate openly and honestly, and some of their conversations would make a sailor blush. They instinctively know how to please each other. They know how to fill each other up with everything love has to offer. They know each other, sometimes better than they know themselves. They understand each other because they are so alike; one soul living in two bodies.

And so he runs to her, his peace. His peace of mind and the peace for his heart.

He is her heart. She is his. Beating together, always and forever.

That is the peace they know.



Too Much

He will never be too much for her.

In fact, she can’t get enough of him.

His smile, his laughter, his jokes.

She can’t get enough of his voice, his eyes, his lips.

Never too much of his time, his conversation.

She can’t stop wanting his love,

Or the man he is, the real him.

She loves his strength, his determination, his heart.

He is patient and understanding.

She can never have too much of his comforting arms.

All day, all night, all the time, she is his.

He is her One, her everything;

She simply cannot get enough of him.

And the best part is:

The feeling is mutual.

He can’t get enough of her either.

He tells her his heart beats for her.

He loves her smile, her writing, her heart.

He loves her mind, body, and soul.

Sometimes he even apologizes for it;

Of course, he never has to apologize for that.

He is welcome to have all of her,

As much as he can handle,

Any time he likes.

Because she is all his.

Just as he is all hers.

She will love him and give him her all

For as long as she lives.

And that’s not too much for either of them.



Soon, he will be all hers.

That is what he tells her: Soon.

She can hardly wait.

Every time she thinks about it, her heart races and tries to beat out of her chest.

She is ecstatic.

Her feet haven’t touched the ground in a week.

And yet, she wonders…

What if he changes mind?

What if she falls and he decides not to catch her?

Yes, she is terrified of what a fall from this height would do to her, but she can’t make herself come down.

She’s not even sure she wants to.

He makes her feel like nothing and no one else.

She is trying to keep a level head, but she is finding it damn near impossible.

She is soaring,

She is flying,

And he right there by her side;

Superman and Lois Lane.

Her imagination runs wild.

All her fantasies, all her hopes and dreams rush through her mind at the same time and she feels like she will burst with joy.

And he…

He is so patient.

He is so very patient.

He has always been better at that than she is.

Next to him, her patience looks like impatience and she has to fight her own thoughts to stay low key.

A giant bundle of excitement and nerves and hope and desire and longing…

She can hardly wait.

And he can hardly blame her.


But not soon enough.

And she doesn’t fault him for that.

He loves her, he chooses them; that is all that matters.

She just knows that she has wanted him for so long that even yesterday or last month or last year would not be soon enough!

She is meant to be his.

She is ready for anything.

She is all in.

She is all his, and he will be all hers…

Soon enough.



Whether you are touching my body,

Or engaging in conversation,

You can read my mind, every time.

You know me like no one else.

You are connected to me,

Same as I am connected to you.


On every level,

I am yours,

And you are mine.


You have me spiritually.

You have me mentally.

You have me emotionally.

You have me physically.

You have me passionately.

You have me endlessly.

You are connected to me,

Same as I am connected to you.


I feel you thinking about me.

I find you looking for me.

I hear you calling out my name.

I see you dreaming about me at night.

You are connected to me,

Same as I am connected to you.


I am ready for us, baby.

I am ready for forever.

I am ready for anything and everything with you.

I am ready to be connected to you completely.

Connected like we always were.

Connected like we always are.

Connected like we always should have been.

Connected like we always will be.



No Limits

When she started all of this with him, she had definitive limits. For all the reasons one would create limits to protect oneself: Mistrust, abuse, neglect, abandonment. She had been through quite a lot in her life and she had been setting up walls and limits for many years, just to keep herself safe. When he came back into her life, she still had all those walls firmly in place, with no intention of removing them.

She used to say to him, “I would do anything for you, within reason of course.” He would respond, “Within reason? You really need to say that?”

She explained to him that yes, she did. She needed to say it so she could have an out. A way to stop someone from hurting her or betraying her true self, who was imprisoned behind walls made of hurt, disappointment, and insecurity. She informed him of all her limits, emotional, physical, sexual, both hard and soft, praying that he would never push her to do or be anything she wasn’t or wasn’t ready for. And he never did. He never asked her for anything except to never stop loving him and to always be herself.

As time went on, she found herself peeking over her walls. She was falling so hard for him, she was setting her limits aside, one by one, and letting him in like she had never let anyone in before. There was no part of her that was off limits to him. And thankfully, he loved and wanted all of her. She was safe when she was with him, and she hadn’t felt safe in far too long.

The safety he bestowed on her was shown in his acceptance of her. He saw her good, her bad, and her ugly and he still loved her. He encouraged her to be herself, to stand up for herself, and most importantly, he didn’t feel the need to tell her what to do. His unconditional love opened her up to a world of possibilities.  And it was bliss. She was better for knowing him. She wasn’t becoming a different person, she was more herself than she had ever been, she was a renewed woman. And she had him to thank for it.

Today, limits don’t even seem like a possibility. She desires to give him everything and she does it to the best of her ability. She knows absolutely no limits with him, he is her soulmate. They are part of each other, and know one another more intimately than she ever dreamed was possible.

Her love for him is limitless as well. She told him, “I have never stopped loving you, and I have never loved you less, but it astonishes me every time I realize I love you more.” And she does. She loves him more each day. He is her One, and she is all his; no limits.

Better Late Than Never

“There is someone here to see you.” The receptionist had a quizzical grin. “He didn’t give his real name.”

She couldn’t help but smirk a little. “Let me guess, he said his name is ‘Superman’?”

“Yep!” The receptionist giggled as she walked back to her desk.

She tried to hold back her excitement as she headed to the front. He came into the office?! No email saying, Meet me outside? He’s inside the building?! Her head was spinning.

She saw him as she came around the corner. Superman blue. Her heart melted.

She wanted to jump into his arms and kiss him all over his face, but two things immediately stopped her. One, she was at work and everyone was watching them and two, because she didn’t know the precise reason he was there, she didn’t want to get her hopes up, so she maintained her composure and gave him a simple side hug, trying not to let her shaking hands betray her.

She suggested they go back to her office to talk. As she walked him back to her office, she decided the conference room would be better for privacy.

She closed the door behind them and stared at him a moment. Her face broke into a smile and she hugged him for real, kissed him, and stared at him again.

“What are you doing here?” She was shaking as she asked the question.

“What do you think I’m doing here?”

“I’m afraid to say it, because I might be wrong.” She looked down at her feet.

He held her by the waist and repeated the question, “Why do you think I’m here?”

“You’re here because you’re leaving.” She whispered slowly and unsurely.

“Leaving what?”

“You’re here to tell me you’re going to be with me.” She looked down at her feet.

He lifted her chin and kissed her. “Don’t look down when you’re talking to me, baby. Always keep your head up.”

Then suddenly, he hugged her, tight as he could and whispered in her ear, “Yes. You’re all mine.”

She could hardly believe it. She wasn’t actually sure she did. If he hadn’t walked into the office itself, she would never have believed it, but there he was. So handsome. So sincere. And even… a little vulnerable.

“You don’t seem as excited as I thought you’d be,” he said disappointedly.

“I am excited. I’m just in a little bit of shock. I was not expecting this. I’m kind of freaking out, to be honest.” She looked at her feet again, then remembered his words and looked into his eyes. He was searching her face.

“I’m nervous and scared, too,” he confessed.

They stood there another moment or two. Her heart felt like it was going to pound out of her chest. She wanted to hold him so badly. She wanted to run away from work and just be in his arms all day.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see one of the attorneys walking past. She knew she couldn’t express her excitement properly in there. She wanted to kiss him, really kiss him, they had to leave.

“Let’s go.”

He read her mind. “You gonna walk me out?”

“Of course.”

They stepped out into the hall. She gave him a real hug and a kiss. He walked behind her and put his arms around her, squeezing her midsection.

She felt giddy. She reached back and grabbed his hand. Was he really going to be all hers? This is what it would feel like all the time! She struggled to keep her feet on the ground.

They walked down the stairs together. He smacked her on the ass as they laughed. He was as excited as she was. As they got to the bottom of the stairs, she turned and threw her arms around him. She pressed her whole body against him as he kissed her. They kissed and kissed. She could have let him take her right there in the stairwell, and he nearly did.

She didn’t want to let him go, literally or figuratively. She held onto him and kept kissing him, stopping only when she heard the door upstairs open. They stepped apart briefly as a large man meandered down the stairs and said a compulsory hello. As soon as he was out of sight, she wrapped her arms around her man and kissed him harder. She desperately wanted him.

He grabbed her arms, and held her back a bit. It reminded her of that day at the memorial. “Baby, stop. You’re gonna cum,” he warned.

“I don’t care,” she breathed. She hopped up and wrapped both legs around him. He stopped her again, before it went too far. That was a good call, no matter how much she wanted him. She was at work and she needed to behave, even if all she wanted to do was misbehave with him.

They walked over to his car and talked a little while longer. She was still reeling from the news he told her. She was barely able to think clearly, as a couple of questions floated to the front of her mind. She asked them, slowly, one at a time, and he answered them, honestly. He made a request of her and she promised him she would honor it.

She kissed him once more before asking him with a wink if he wanted to stay for lunch and break in the new car. He reluctantly declined; she could see he was tempted.

She walked away in awe. This was really happening. He was really going to be hers. She could hardly contain her joy. She definitely couldn’t stop smiling. The man of her dreams was going to be hers and those dreams were coming true.


She felt singing. She felt like dancing. She felt like she could flying. She felt like… She felt like she was finally whole.



As I sit outside

And stare at the moon,

I see a vision

Of me and you.


Bathed in silver,

Wrapped in her glow,

Making love,

Deep and slow.


Darkness pierced

By frenzied cries;

You pull me closer,

Gripping my thighs.


The cool night air

Caresses my skin,

I tremble in climax,

Again and again.


Your sex suits me,

Your body fits mine,

Your passion claims me;

Your love is divine.